Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dog Soup plus Tom Mix w/ Veryan Weston @ Vortex 25.6.10

Friday 25 | 8.30pm | £10 | Loop Double BIll
Dog Soup
Led by trumpeter Robbie Robson, with John Turville and Hans Koller (keyboards), Johnny Brierley (bass) and Tim Giles (drums), the band use a number of electronic effects to create different textures and colours.

Samplers and loops create a swirling bed of music over which to improvise, blurring the distinctions between gritty, dark grooves, electronic sounds, loops and samples and free group improvisation.

'Robson, sampling and remodulating his trumpet tones, let his notes ooze in and out, their edges as hazy as Mark Rothko’s luminescent colour slabs. John Turville’s strangely distorted Rhodes-piano chords recalled Dali’s melted fob-watch. Be warned: Dog Soup before bedtime leaves you with feverishly vivid pictures (Jack Massarik).

Tom-Mix & Veryan Weston
Tom-Mix – Mark Hanslip (tenor saxophone), Olie Brice (double bass), Tony Marsh (drums) – have worked hard on developing a trio sound based on open improvisation, intense group listening and rhythmic flexibility, which makes reference to John Coltrane, Lee Konitz and Sonny Rollins, Bartok, Webern and Xenakis, free improvisation and the raw energy of free jazz.

For this Loop Collective residency, they're delighted to be joined for the first time by piano great Veryan Weston, perhaps best known for his long-standing relationships with both vocalist Phil Minton and saxophonist Trevor Watts.

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